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Monday, March 21, 2011

GLW LETTER, (draft)

Accomplished 3/21/11, TO BE CONTINUED

To whom this may concern,
We are writing on behalf of the Environmental Club at Amity High School. *This winter, we conducted a campaign promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials in our school cafeteria. Our purpose was to minimize plastic waste and increase awareness about the negative effects of disposable plastics. *To make “Green Lunch Week” possible, we partnered with Amity Principal Charles Britton and head of cafeteria Joan Conant.
With sponsorship from the Amity administration, we were able to purchase two weeks worth of environmentally friendly products for our cafeteria. These products included: biodegradable sporks, trays, and knives, as well as recycled napkins, paper boats, and compostable salad containers.

- Of more than nine hundred students…………..
After Green Lunch Week concluded, we surveyed the student population on its response to our campaign. A random sampling of more than nine hundred students was taken to gauge student support for the cause. Of these 956 students who responded, 67% buy lunch from the school cafeteria. 69% of lunch buyers buy on a weekly to daily basis. Although we did not survey everyone in the school, the responses which we received serve as an accurate representation of the student body as a whole.
For many students, the central argument against environmentally friendly products concerned the sporks, which students found inconvenient and inefficient.

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