WE are (eco)-sparta

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Starting Off on the Right Foot...

The Amity Environmental Club has taken off with the new school year with five projects.
The first is to create a sculpture out of trash, old metal, and/or scraps of wood. The "art" section of the club will be collecting these materials and creating the sculpture in the courtyard of Amity. Any ideas on what the sculpture should be of?

The next project is a garden/compost. We're planning on having a small patch of land dedicated to a garden with a compost. They can be used along with science classes in environmental studies or ecosystems.

Another project is reading environment-related books to children ages 3-10 to inform them on ways they can be more Eco-efficient. What are some good books that have to do with the environment?

The Amity Environmental Club is also attempting to make the cafeteria even more "green". We've made progress in the past by eliminating Styrofoam trays and this year we plan on changing the plastic utensils to more environmentally-friendly options (perhaps sporks?).

Lastly, we're having a recycling campaign to promote recycling at Amity. We're hoping to add more recycling bins, put up posters, and maybe have presentations? We'll see.

Stay tuned with updates on these projects and more info on the Environment!