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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Welcome to the Amity Environmental Club's blog! 

By creating a blog, we hope to keep our fellow active environmentalists updated on what the Amity Environmental Club and Connecticut Green Alliance is doing to promote a healthy environmental lifestyle. On this blog we will post:

  •  video clips 
  • relevant environmental petitions
  •  tips on how to become more eco-friendly
  •  updates on what is happening with the club and with the Green Alliance
  •  and most of all, what is happening to the environment on the global scale 
Here we hope you will find the facts, ideas and material you need to keep up-to date with us, and to pass on to family and friends. 

We encourage all to speak up about the environment. Everything starts small; one voice paired with others has the power to create big change. We can all become Eco-Spartans.

So Greenies, have a great day! 

-The Amity Environmental Club

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